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About MSIC

What is an MSIC
Who needs an MSIC
What are the responsibilities of an MSIC holder 
Who can issue an MSIC
What type of MSIC do I need

What is an MSIC?

A Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) is a nationally consistent identification card which confirms that the holder has met the minimum security requirements to work unescorted or unmonitored in a maritime and/or offshore security zone.

The MSIC is not an access card, and possession of an MSIC will not provide right of entry to any facility within a maritime security zone. Access to maritime security zones is managed by the Maritime Industry Participant (MIP), or facility operator.

Who needs an MSIC?  

A person will need to hold an MSIC if their occupation or business interests require, or will require, them to have unmonitored access to a maritime security zone at least once a year. This includes;

·         port, port facility and port service workers,

·         stevedores,

·         transport operators such as train and truck drivers,

 ·         seafarers on Australian regulated ships and

·         people who work on and/or supply offshore oil and gas facilities

 What are the Responsibilities and Obligations of an MSIC holder?

An MSIC holder must return their MSIC to the issuing body within one month after:

 ·         it expires

 ·         is cancelled

·         has been damaged, altered or defaced (permanently or temporarily)

·         the holder no longer has an operational need to enter a secure area at least once a year

An MSIC holder must notify their issuing body within 7 days, if their MSIC is lost, stolen or destroyed.

An MSIC issued to a person who changes his or her name ceases to be valid one (1) month after the day on which the change is made.

Notification must be in the form of a statutory declaration or police report before a replacement card can be issued.

Who can issue an MSIC?

Only Government approved issuing bodies, such as Multicard, are authorised to issue an MSIC.



What type of MSIC do I need?

There are four (4) types of MSIC:

 1.       Standard MSIC – this is available to all eligible persons over the age of 18 years and is valid for up to four years, with a background check required every two years. Applicants have the choice of having a four or two year MSIC

2.       Renewal of a Standard MSIC – this is for applicants whose Standard MSIC has expired and require a renewal. Holders of a Standard MSIC must apply for a renewal MSIC at least 1 month prior to the expiry date of the previously issued MSIC.

3.       Provisional MSIC – this will be issued to persons under the age of 18 years at the time of application. This card will expire six (6) months after the person turns 18 and application for a Standard MSIC will be required.