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Are you currently working in or considering working in the maritime industry? If so, you’re not alone. The maritime industry offers engaging work and plenty of opportunities, making it one of the most appealing industries in the nation. However, working in a secure maritime zone does require the possession of a valid MSIC.

An MSIC is an identification card that allows you to work unescorted in a secure zone. It can only be obtained from a government-certified MSIC provider, such as ClientView.

ClientView: Your MSIC Provider of Choice

There are very few MSIC providers in Australia, and ClientView is proud to be one of them. Our government-certified organisation has the necessary knowledge and tools to assist maritime employees who are interested in obtaining or renewing their MSIC. We cater to a wide range of clients, both individuals and businesses.

As one of the leading MSIC providers in the country, our team at ClientView can provide both two and four-year MSICs, customised services and some of the fastest processing times in the industry. Our experienced team does it utmost to ensure our clients receive their MSICs when they need them and with as little stress as possible.

Acquire Your MSIC Today with ClientView

If you’re looking to acquire or renew your MSIC in Rockhampton, the first step is to find the right MSIC provider.

Our team is here to assist whenever you’re ready to begin the process. With our years of experience, expert management team and streamlined certification system, we ensure the process is quick, simple and correct.

For more information or to secure your MSIC in Rockhampton, reach out to our team on 1300 855 960 or visit our website today.