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Working in the maritime industry is a fulfilling and engaging profession, and the maritime industry offers appealing job opportunities. However, if you’re interested in these job opportunities or if you currently work in the maritime industry, you must obtain and keep a Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) to work in a secure maritime zone.

MSICs are identification cards that clear the holder to work in maritime security zones. They require a background check and bi-yearly renewal to remain valid and must be obtained through a government-certified MSIC provider such as ClientView.

ClientView: A Leading MSIC Provider

Our team at ClientView is proud to offer a simple and affordable process for those looking to receive their MSICs. As one of the few government-certified MSIC providers for Port Hedland, we are well equipped to facilitate MSIC acquisition and renewal for both individuals and businesses (or corporate) .
We’re proud to offer:

  • Two- and four-year MSIC options
  • Experienced management
  • A fast, streamlined system
  • Individualised services tailored to your needs
  • Superior customer service and experience
  • Some of the fastest processing times available

Secure Your MSIC Today

When it comes to MSICs, it’s important to choose an MSIC provider you can trust. ClientView is proud to be one of the leading MSIC providers for Port Hedland and has had years of experience assisting maritime workers, shipyards, logistics managers, dockworkers and other maritime employees obtain the proper certifications to allow them to perform their work successfully.

Whether you’re new to the maritime industry and are seeking your first MSIC or if you’re searching for a way to renew, our team is ready to assist. Reach out to our friendly representatives today on 1300 855 960 to learn more about how we can help you.