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Maritime Security Identification Cards for Perth's Ports

If you are operating a business via Perth's ports, or any ports across Western Australia or the country as a whole, you need an MSIC. The MSIC, or Maritime Security Identification Card, is a compulsory requirement that maintains the safety and security of these crucial import and export hubs.

Reach out to the MSIC team today to find more about acquiring your cards, or read on to discover the key role that Perth's ports play in the WA economy.

Perth's Key Ports

  • Fremantle Harbour

Fremantle Harbour has been one of Perth's key transit hubs for centuries. Today, the port, located just south of the WA capital, continues to drive the economy of the area.

Almost 17 million metric tonnes of cargo were exported from Fremantle in 2019/20, with over 15.5 million metric tonnes imported the other way. The majority of exported goods were categorised as dry bulk, while liquid bulk made up the most significant proportion of imported goods. Universal Medical International Pty Ltd and Taylor Marine are two of the companies operating out of Fremantle, with between 60 and 90 vessels in port at any one time.

  • Pilbara Ports Authority

The Pilbara Ports Authority (PPA), managed out of central Perth, is the largest bulk export port authority in the world. The PPA covers three of Western Australia's busiest ports — Ashburton, Dampier, and Port Hedland in the Pilbara region of WA.

In 2019/20, exports from the PPA's ports exceeded $120 billion. Raw materials such as iron ore make up a significant proportion of this, with 667.6 million metric tonnes shipped in the same period, up from 328.8 million metric tonnes in 2010/11. ANL shipping was the first company to ship containers directly from Singapore to the Pilbara ports, taking advantage of state-of-the-art biosecurity technologies at the authority.

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