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Are you interested in working in the maritime industry? If so, it is imperative you obtain a Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) to ensure that you are cleared to work in a maritime security zone.

MSICs are identification cards that are necessary for any who wish to enter a secure maritime zone unescorted. They are only obtainable upon the completion of a background check and remain valid for up to four years.

Here at ClientView, we are proud to offer a convenient, affordable and accessible way to secure your MSIC in Darwin today.

Why Choose ClientView?

There are very few government-certified MSIC providers in Australia — luckily, our team is one of them.

Our MSIC Darwin solutions offer the best value in the country, with affordable prices on both two and four-year options. And thanks to our experienced management and streamlined system, we are always able to provide you with services tailored specifically to your needs, consistently superior customer service and some of the fastest processing times in the industry.

From individuals to entire teams, we ensure that you have the proper certification to get you into the maritime locations you need as quickly as possible.

Obtain an MSIC in Darwin Today

As one of the leading MSIC providers in Darwin, we are proud to assist maritime workers and business partners who are seeking the proper certifications for their job. Whether you are interested in obtaining your MSIC for a new job or need to renew an expiring card, we are ready to help.

Contact our team on 1300 855 960 to apply for your card or speak to one of our friendly team members about our application packages today.