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MSIC Dampier

Whether you’re currently employed or are searching for work in the maritime industry, if you require access to secure maritime zones, it is imperative to obtain a government-certified MSIC as soon as possible.

As one of the leading MSIC providers in Dampier, our team at ClientView is here to help you obtain or renew your MSIC quickly, affordably and with minimal hassle.

What Is an MSIC?

An MSIC — also known as a Maritime Security Identification Card — is an identification card that allows the holder to work unmonitored in secure maritime security. They can be obtained even before you get a job and are valid for up to four years after being issued.

MSICs are required for positions such as port workers, transport operators, logistics managers, offshore oil workers or suppliers, or anyone who requires unsupervised access to maritime security zones.

How to Obtain Your MSIC

To receive your MSIC, you must provide evidence of your need, complete an application with an accredited MSIC provider and successfully pass a background check. Please note that background checks must be completed bi-yearly as long as you hold an MSIC.

MSICs can only be provided by government-certified entities. As one of the few MSIC providers in the country, ClientView can help you obtain your MSIC.

ClientView: A Leading MSIC Provider in Dampier

If you’re interested in obtaining an MSIC in Dampier, ClientView is here to help. Our team assists both individuals and businesses in obtaining the identification needed to work in secure maritime zones.

Our streamlined certification process, highly trained management and staff and competitive pricing have made us a leading MSIC provider. Call us today on 1300 855 960 or visit our website to secure your MSIC today.