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Do you want to work in the maritime industry in Brisbane?

Then it’s time to get your Maritime Security Identification Card or MSIC in Brisbane at ClientView – the premier MSIC provider in Brisbane.

With an MSIC, you’ll have a ready nationally recognised security ID designed specifically for the maritime industry.

ClientView – Your Government-Certified MSIC Provider

To get your MSIC card with minimal stress and absolutely no hassle, work only with a government-certified Maritime Security Identification Card issuing body like ClientView.

We are a government-approved MSIC card provider that works in compliance with the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act of 2003 and the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Regulations of 2003.

Individual shipyard workers, leading hands or dockworkers can benefit from our services, especially those who need access to specific maritime security zones, including:

  • Landside restricted zones
  • Cleared zones
  • Waterside restricted zones
  • Ship security zones
  • On-board security zones
  • Offshore security zones

With ClientView, you can apply for a Job-Ready MSIC or upgrade to a Blue MSIC or White MSIC depending on your operational needs.

Existing MSIC holders can also renew their existing MSIC with ClientView, even if their card was issued by a different government-certified MSIC provider.

Shipyards, logistics managers and supervisors can also apply for or renew multiple MSICs through our service for businesses or corporate clients.

ClientView – The Leading MSIC Provider in Brisbane

ClientView is the leading MSIC provider in Brisbane trusted by individual and corporate clients alike.

Aside from our professional, fast and friendly services, we also offer the most affordable MSIC rates in the market.

With ClientView, you can expect to get your MSIC card with zero hassle and minimal delay.

To obtain your MSIC in Brisbane, please get in touch with ClientView today.