Maritime Security Identification Card Application

ClientView is one of the largest Australian government certified MSIC issuers.

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Are you wanting to see where you MSIC application is?
Whether you’re applying for an MSIC card, having it renewed, or getting it replaced, you can see where you MSIC is tracking. The longest part of the MSIC process is waiting for The Department of Home Affairs to complete your background check. This can take as little as 3 days but as long as 6 weeks. Unfortunately, we are unable to speed up the background checking process on your behalf and we rely on the government to turn it around as quickly as possible.

However, what if you’re trying to take a closer look at your MSIC process?
For those who want to learn about how their MSIC application process is progressing, we have got a tracking tool that allows you to see exactly where your application is at. All you need to do is to login above, and we’ll be able to let you know where you’re at in getting your MSIC card.