How soon do I need my MSIC?

New Australian Government security laws mean anyone who needs to work unescorted or unmonitored in a maritime security zone needs to display a Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC).

From 1st January 2007, workers who have an operational need to work unsescorted or unmonitored in secure areas of the waterfront must hold and dsiplay a valid MSIC. Examples of the roles that may require an MSIC include:

  • port authority staff
  • stevedores
  • linesmen
  • pilots
  • cutter crew
  • seamen
  • oil & gas rig workers
  • truck & train drivers & operators
  • contractors including maintenance staff, providores & caterers, maritime support agencies, emergency services
  • regulators and government officials

What is an MSIC?

The MSIC is a personal identity card which helps reduce the risk of terrorists infiltrating maritime workplaces. The MSIC shows that the holder has undergone and successfully passed a number of security background checks including:

Where can I get an MSIC?

MSICs are only available from Government approved MSIC Issuing Bodies. Client View Pty Ltd is an approved MSIC Issuing Body and has developed a simple and cost effective way to apply for your MSIC online and at your convenience (Apply Now).

Where can I get more information?

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport have produced a number of documents which can be downloaded from their website

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